High Speed Vial Filling Capping And Labeling Machine for diagnostic reagents

High Speed Vial Filling Capping And Labeling Machine for diagnostic reagents

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: PERWIN
Certification: CE, SGS, TUV, ISO9001
Model Number: PW-HX210

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Standard export woodern cases
Delivery Time: 60~90 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 5 sets/months
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Detail Information

Production Name: High Speed Vial Filling Capping And Labeling Machine For Diagnostic Reagents Filling Volume(range): 1~10ml
Filling Method: Plunger Pump Filling Accuracy: ±0.5~1%
Capacity: 200~250 Bottles Per Minute Power Supply: 380V 50Hz(can Be Customized)
Power: 3KW Compressed Air: 0.4~0.7Mpa 25~35L/min
Automatic Grade: Automatic
High Light:

aseptic vial filling


syrup filling machine

Product Description


High Speed Vial Filling Capping And Labeling Machine for diagnostic reagents




High Speed Vial Filling Capping And Labeling Machine for diagnostic reagents 0


1. Brief introduction.

  • This filling production line was designed by our own company with bottle feeding turntable, argon filling,serum filling, plugging, inline sampling and rejecting, freeze dry tray table, capping,labeling, printing batch number etc. This filling line stable running speed is 150~250bottles/min. It is specially designed for 5~20ml bottles.

High Speed Vial Filling Capping And Labeling Machine for diagnostic reagents 1

2. Working process

2.1. Bottle feeding turntable.

  • Put the bottles into the turntable, and the bottles will be transported to the filling plugging and capping machine automatically.

2.2. Filling plugging machine.

  • When the bottles come to the star wheel, the machine will start follow-up filling process(filling argon(10 heads) and liquid(10 heads)). After filling there are plugging machine(18 heads) which can finish both full plugging and semi-plugging process, which ensures freeze dry and non-freeze dry products finished by one line.

2.3. Capping machine.

  • The machine is rotary type capping machine with 16 capping heads. We use our latest technology of magnetic induction torque limiter to adjust torque force to ensure proper capping. The stable running speed is 200~ 250pcs/min.

2.4. Labeling machine.

  • After filling plugging and capping machine, the bottles will be delivered to vertical type round bottle labeling machine, which will finish sticker labeling. (printing the batch number, production date, expiration date etc. is for your optional)

3. Technical features

3.1. Filling plugging machine


3.1.1. Features.

l The operational interface is LCD touchscreen, and whole machine is controlled by PLC.

l The operational mode is composed of production mode and jogging mode (for testing).

l All the product material contact parts comply with the latest GMP standard.

l Adopt rotary type continuously follow-up filling method, which has high accuracy, fast speed, compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance.

l This equipment has the same driving force for bottle feed in screw, bottle feed in astrolabe, working astrolabe, bottle output astrolabe and plugging turret and plugging head, which ensure no bottle stuck, and the whole equipment finish taking the plug, semi-plugging or full-plugging and other mechanical movements precisely with fixed parameters. The whole working process running in step, stably and reliably.

l The unique design overload protecting mechanism of bottle input screw will automatically close down the machine while the bottles get stuck while coming in the screw and astrolabe, which will effectively avoid damage of equipment and operators.

l Unique design plugging heads structure ensures no damage of plugs.

l No bottles no taking and plugging.

l Inline sampling and check and reject bottles without plugs.

l The equipment has running monitoring function. There are running conditions of key parts displaying on the touchscreen, which makes the operator a clear understanding of machine working, and good for operating and maintenance.

l When the machine runs abnormally, it will alarm not only with sound and light, but also displaying on the touchscreen the alarming parts and causes.

l Most of the parts adopts SUS 304, aluminum alloy, material contact part adopt SUS 316L, which complies with GMP standards of pharmaceutical area and other industries.

l The whole machine in accordance European standard.

3.1.2. Parameters

Item Model and Specification
Model PW-HX210
Filling volume(range) 1~10ml
Filling Method Ceramic pump filling
Filling Accuracy ≤±0.4~0.5%
Capacity 150~250bottles per minute
Power Supply 380V 50Hz(can be customized)
Power 3KW
Compressed Air 0.4~0.7Mpa 25~35L/min

3.1.3. Main configuration:

Items Brand From
PLC Siemens Germany
Touch screen Fuji Japan
VFD Mitsubishi Japan
Servo motor Panasonic Japan
Photoelectric sensor OMRON and SICK Japan and Germany
Pneumatic components SMC Japan
Main motor ABB Swiss
Other motors Domestic China



3.2. Screw capping machine.

PW-HX16 sixteen heads capping machine is mainly applied to pharmaceutical and IVD industry. It can automatically finish bottle inputting, cap feeding, cap screwing and bottle outputting for different specs of PET or glass bottles. This machine adopt advanced and reliable frequency converter to change speed, PLC controlling and HMI. Structurally, it adopts planet alike revolution for astrolabe, rotation for capping heads. 16 capping heads will screw tightly the cap while running. It adopts pneumatic or electromagnetic clutch method to clamp and screw the cap; this is an advanced capping equipment which had compact design, stable transmission and performance, convenient repairing. The machine movements was finished by single maim motor, which is convenient for frequency control of the whole machine. Through main engine frequency control and conveyor non-polar speed control, different production requirement of different specs would be satisfied. This machine adopts fiber optic sensor(FOS), which has small structure and will alarm and halt while meeting errors and displaying on touchscreen, protecting the machine and ensuring the product quality.


3.3.1. Features.

  • Standard operating menu is colorful 7 inches touchscreen, and the whole machine controlled by PLC.
  • Operating mode: production mode and testing jogging mode.
  • This machine will never stuck the bottles, as bottles input screw rod, bottles input astrolabe, working astrolabe, bottles output astrolabe, capping gyrotraverse mechanism, and capping heads all driven by one drive, which ensures the whole machine capping according to fixed parameters, accurately taking the cap, capping and other mechanical movements. The whole process in step, stable and reliable, which ensures 100% no falling down caps.
  • Unique design bottle input screw rod overloading protecting mechanism will make the machine close down if stuck or overloading, which will avoid damage to machine and operators.
  • The torque force of capping is adjustable, stable, reliable, avoiding low capping rate and damaging caps of traditional capping method--putting on cap directly.
  • Original creation of planar cam bottle fixing mechanism, torque force limiter in the capping mechanism, press capping buffering mechanism and customized pneumatic‘clamping’ mechanism contacting large area with caps, ensuring capping heads and bottles caps will have no relative movements, which makes for stable capping, and good quality.
  • No bottles no taking caps and no bottles no capping.
  • Automatic reject bottles or alarming and closing down function if bottles with no caps or loose caps(optional function), on line rejecting rate is 100%.
  • It has a function of monitoring while machine running. There will be showing the running state of key parts of the machine, which makes the operator well know the running state of the machine, this will be good for operating and maintaining. If the machine met problems and alarming, there will be not only sound and light alarming, the operator will also see clearly in the HMI about the alarming places and causes.
  • Intelligent and interlock controlling of up and down stream equipment.

3.3.2. Parameters

Model PW-HX16
Capacity 200~250BPM
Voltage 380V 50Hz
Power 2.25 KW
Compressed air 0.5~0.8Mpa 35~50L/min
Weight 1800 Kg


3.3.3. Main configuration:

Items Brand From
PLC Siemens Germany
Touch screen Fuji Japan
VFD Mitsubishi Japan
Servo motor Panasonic Japan
Photoelectric sensor OMRON and SICK Japan and Germany
Pneumatic components SMC Japan
Main motor ABB Swiss
Other motors Domestic China

3.3. Labeling machine.

PW-T501 (third generation) Labeling Machine adopts the international top high-speed servo Labeling technology, Labeling system, locating system,brushing system, control system,conveyor system as the perfect combination. This makes Perwin Labeling technology more precise and more stable.


3.3.1. Features.

  • The Labeling system can be monitored through the colorful touch screen.
  • This Labeling machine is with muti-step speed control system. You can choose the Labeling speed by clicking the speed control function precisely and rapidly.
  • The Labeling machine is with initial position setting function. However big the Labeling diameter is and whatever length the label might be. You can start setting the initial position on the touch screen or you can input the known parameter directly before running the machine.
  • The Labeling machine adapts the Labeling delay function. The Labeling position could be adjusted slightly which makes the Labeling quality better.
  • The Labeling machine adapts the counting function. The product qty could be calculated automatically and this can be seen on the human-computer interface.
  • The Labeling machine adapts the Labeling qty setting function. You can pre-set the Labeling qty, then the machine stops running after this qty reaches.
  • The Labeling rolling,pasting system could be adjusted up and down ,left and right. This is good for other dimension Labeling use.
  • The machine is equipped with the operation monitoring function. The main process and machine running status can be shown on the LED touch screen which makes the operator well know the machine status and easy to operate and maintenance.
  • The production line is intelligent controlled entirely. The earlier process and the later process could be controlled like a chain.
  • Most components adopt the SUS 304 and aluminum alloy which conforms to the medical corporations GMP requirement and other Packaging requirement.

3.3.2. Parameters

Model PW-WT501
Labeling Appliance 5ml~20ml glass bottles.
Speed 200~250 bottles/min
Accuracy ±0.5%
Label roll outer diameter ≤375mm
Label roll inner diameter 76mm
Label Length 10~200mm

Label distance


≥3 mm
Power 220V 50Hz(Can be customized)

2.0 Kw

Air Pressure




Upper parameters are just for reference


3.3.3. Main configuration:

Item Brand Origin
PLC Siemens Germany
Touch screen FUJI Japan
Server motor Panasonic Japan
VFD Mitsubishi Japan
Pneumatic components SMC Japan
Bottle detecting sensor OMRON Japan
Label detecting sensor Leuze Germany

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